Want To Spot A High-Quality CBD Product?

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The mention of this miracle drug has been everywhere, right from social media to influencers promoting, and even CBD retail stores popping up a few blocks down from where you live. We live in a world that has thankfully come to terms with the importance and wellness benefits that can be derived from using this lifesaving drug. There was an outcry among the masses, and especially in the United States, we saw it all unfold with people chanting the need for pro-hemp bills to be passed by the Congress. It all culminated in a grand finale – the Farm Bill 2018 finally being passed. Once the initial excitement and euphoria wore off, people and the Government were quick to realize the lack of proper regulation in place.

The diminishing importance of regulation set in place or the lack thereof by the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) meant that manufacturers and suppliers could make CBD products of their choice without the need for proper and safe production processes. Although it is said that all of the citizens residing in 50 states could own and start their own CBD supply, the contrast in the quality of these CBD products is frightening, to say the least. Having some of these products would most definitely get you terribly sick.

The only way in which you can be safe from such a situation arising and prevent yourself from being bamboozled in every sense of the world is by thoroughly studying CBD products that you are going to get yourself involved with. Such knowledge would invariably be extremely important to make sure that your journey with pure CBD is a fruitful and enjoyable experience. Now let us look into what separates the good, the bad, and the ugly.

How To Pick Out The Good Stuff?

As mentioned earlier, strict regulation is still yet to be passed, especially those pertaining to the manufacturing phase. Since most of these processes are unmonitored, it is likely that manufacturers and suppliers will cut corners, to make sure that they rake in the maximum profit, all at the expense of your health. So the question you must ask is – are you more inclined to buying ridiculously cheap CBD products or do you want your health untouched and not live each day in regret and agony? I think the choice has been made by now.

The three main methods of extracting Full spectrum CBD from hemp are Butane extraction, CO2 extraction, and Ethanol extraction. The most toxic of all of the three is butane extraction. CBD products that have been extracted using this method entail the maximum amount of impurities and oxidants. The best among them is CO2 extraction. The equipment cost and the fine technicalities needed for this process can cause the final cost of the CBD product to go up. Plus it requires a bit of knowledge; this is why some suppliers shy away from it and produce sub-par CBD products.

Test Results Don’t Lie

This is a trend that goes with anything and in any industry, not just CBD–our product is the best. Well, you can’t blame them as they are merely trying to sell. Like in everything, there are a few bad apples; some CBD manufacturers undertake unfair and dishonest practices. So as consumers, in whom do you place your trust? Third-party accredited laboratories, of course.

CBD manufacturers who are transparent are not making the attempt to hide any of their malpractices. They will openly want to bring credibility to the products. Such suppliers will make sure that their products are properly tested and proper quality checks are in place. Like they say, “you needn’t fear if you have nothing to hide”. The same applies here too.

Make sure to sift through their reports and certifications. You can either go through them on their website, which they should have displayed and made available; or you can ask the retail storekeeper for them. All the information pertaining to the ingredients and the percentage of what is in the CBD product will be clearly stated in the report. The best brands are always ready and proud to showcase their high quality and standards through these certifications, while the less ‘proud’ ones will show quite a bit of reluctance and beat around the bush. Be sure to look out for this.

The Final Note

All in all, buying CBD products is like buying a car. As a novice customer, you will have to go through reviews from trusted sources and get an idea of what the past customers are saying about it. Go through the labeling thoroughly and see if something sticks out. If all is good and the vibe is good, then fret not and go ahead with the brand. However, if for some reason, you see any of the aforementioned red flags, look the other way and bolt!