What Are The Methods Of Extraction Of CBD Oils?

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The product that made people curious and attracted the attention of scientists in recent years is CBD oil. It is derived from the hemp plant, which belongs to the plant family Cannabis sativa, and is gaining popularity due to the medical benefits it offers. CBD products are available in different forms and CBD oil is one of the most available forms.

Since the product is relatively new in the markets, people raise several questions about the product. The extraction methods of CBD oil is a frequently asked question.

What Are the Common Extraction Methods of CBD Oils?

Manufacturers adopt several extraction methods and each method has its pros and cons. Obtaining a concentrated product is the aim of cannabidiol extraction and the separation of cannabinoids that have an oily structure produces a thick oil. The production technology employed largely determines the texture and purity of the final product.

Cannabinoids are soluble in water as well as alcohol because of their terpenophenolic nature. Manufacturers generally use the ethanol-based substance for dissolution. Carbon dioxide in the fluid state is called supercritical carbon dioxide and this as well as olive oil and hydrocarbons are some of the common substances used in the CBD oil extraction process.

Below given are some of the common extraction methods.

CO2 Extraction

This method uses carbon dioxide that is brought to a supercritical state, which will have liquid-like density. But, the surface tension and viscosity will be the same as that of a gas. The fluid carbon dioxide is a suitable solvent that has a non-polar state. The required elements can be extracted from the raw materials with accuracy using this solvent. The purification process generally termed winterization is also a step in CO2 extraction.

Ethanol Extraction


The use of ethanol to extract medical substances from plants began from the olden times itself and ethanol is still famous for its use in extraction processes. Products extracted using ethanol contains not one but several cannabinoids.

Hydrocarbon Extraction

In this extraction method, hydrocarbon solvents like butane and hexane are used and the method is famous because of the degree of purification it offers. If the extraction technique is implemented properly, substances like chlorophyll that are unwanted can be separated effectively.

Extraction Using Olive Oil and Other Oils

The extraction method using olive oils and other oils is suitable to produce CBD oil, which is homemade. Compared to solvents that might get inflamed, oils are safer choices. Manufacturers employ two techniques that use olive oil. The first technique requires both oil and water while the second requires the use of oil alone.