How Does CBD Oil Taste?

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD

Not all of us can eat things we don’t like. Some cannot even stand the smell of food they hate. Buying a product they are not familiar with will be difficult for such people. They wonder why they have to spend their hard-earned money on something they will not even like. This stops them from trying CBD.

There is another group of people who did not like CBD when tried and hence, do not buy it. They are unaware of the fact that CBD is available in many flavors, forms and thus, they are bound to find at least one of those flavors pleasant.

Before we dig deeper into the flavors of CBD, let’s see what CBD actually tastes like.

How Does CBD Taste?

A good majority of consumers said CBD tastes earthly- like how green grass or dark chocolate would taste. If you are a person who typically loves natural earthly scent and taste, you will definitely want unflavored CBD. And we can also say that you belong to the very few people who love its taste. Most of them find it intolerable and take it because of CBD uses.

Generally, high concentrations of CBD oil is bitter. Brands add flavors to it to cover up its natural taste.

How To Choose The CBD Oil You Like

Choose The Carrier Oil

Hemp Seed Oil– CBD with hemp seed oil is best for dressings or dips. This oil tastes nutty and if you are someone who prefers sweet, you should try some other carrier oil.

Coconut Oil– Refined coconut oil has no flavor. Hence, the earthly taste of CBD will overpower the mixture.

MCT Oil– MCT oil itself is good for health and as it is flavorless, adding it to CBD will not change the taste of CBD.

Olive Oil– Olive oil also tastes earthly like CBD. Hence, the mixture of the two will enhance CBD’s natural taste.

Adding Flavor To CBD Oil

Since the natural taste of CBD is not very pleasing, brands add flavors to it to override its natural earthly flavor. The common flavors are mint, citrus, etc. CBD is also available in its natural taste- which very few prefer. Also, CBD in lower concentrations do not have any taste.

If you are not a huge fan of flavoring, you will find products with CBD Oil as an ingredient. Nowadays, CBD chocolates, CBD gummies, CBD biscuits, etc are widely available in the market or online.