Things To Consider When Buying CBD Oils

CBD oil made from hemp.

The market for CBD and its extracts has continued to soar in recent years. Less than a decade back, there were close limits as to the brands consumers could turn to, but these days all you have to do is go online and you can see a deluge of products sold under different brands. There are also dozens of options you can choose from, including e-liquids, topical, beverages, and a lot more. So much so that this has even become a problem for those new to the industry.

The main thing to know going in is that not all CBD products are even remotely the same. You should know how to tell the good ones apart from the bad, instead of joining the fray of consumers who blindly purchase whatever is trending at the time. It may seem to make sense to buy from the brand that has the best marketing strategy, but that can easily prove to be a pitfall to unsuspecting buyers.

Staying On The Safe Side

The solution to this problem is not as complicated as many might think. With a bit of education and awareness, it is possible to pick your way through the saturated CBD market and close in on a good product that works well for you. This includes teaching yourself how to understand lab reports, measure the quality of a product, as well as a few other things.

  • Checking For 3rd Party Lab Testing: This is one of the initial things to do when considering buying CBD oil. Make sure that it has been tested by a 3rd Party lab. If it has, you should be able to see reports from that somewhere on the website put up by the seller. If there is no lab report to speak of, that can mean one of several things. Perhaps the actual report may have shown that the product does not have the advertised level of cannabinoids, or maybe it says that the product has contaminants which are harmful to take in.
  • Checking The THC Content: Several states have legalized THC, while the rest still have a ban in place. For a CBD oil to be legal, it should have at or under a certain percent of this compound present within it. The maximum in many states is 0.3%, and this is generally considered the highest safe amount which does not cause psychoactive effects. You need to make sure that the product you buy has less THC than that legally permitted by your state.
  • Checking The Ingredients: It is vital that you know what is on the ingredients list. Be familiar with the types of ingredients used to make the precuts, assuming these are even listed. There may be some compounds you do not know, in which can a quick search online can help. Focus on any negative side effects when looking them up. The best CBD oils use organic as well as all-natural ingredients.
  • Checking The Sourcing Of The Hemp: Hemp serves as the primary source for CBD extraction, which is why the former’s quality is very important. If your chosen brand is the type to source from the best hemp available, then well and good. However, there are brands which focus more on getting their hemp for the lowest price, and it is best to steer clear of them.
  • Checking The Type Of CBD Used: You may have heard of the distinction between “CBD Isolate”, “Broad Spectrum CBD”, and “Full Spectrum CBD”. If you haven’t dealt deeper, then at least a few weeks before buying is a good place to start. Know how the three are different, and which kind is used in the different products you see online. Then, base your decision on your current needs as well as the THC legality in your state.
  • Checking The CBD Extraction Method: There is a whole range of methods producers can use to extract CBD, but CO2 extraction is the standard one used. This is because it is not only safe, but also gives birth to a pure end product. Pressurized carbon dioxide is employed for the extraction from the plant, and the CBD is frozen into supercritical cold liquid state. This mode of extraction preserves the nutrient-rich terpenes and trichomes.
  • Checking For Fair Pricing: How much you pay is always important, at least because you want to be sure they aren’t ripping you off. Apply due diligence before the purchase in ensuring that you’re not overpaying. Ask a few questions such as whether the product compares well to similar options, if the retail price is close to the same as the actual price you’d be paying, and most importantly, if the higher price is justified.

If you manage to garner enough knowledge and expertise in this area, be sure to pass it along so that someone else can make good use of it in their own CBD hunt. Hopefully, this should make you something of an authority when someone starts talking about buying CBD online.