Importance Of Bioavailability In Calculating CBD Oil Price

Benefits Of CBD Shatter
Benefits Of CBD Shatter
CBD Oil Prices
CBD Oil Prices

Since the 2018 Farm act and the gradual legalization of CBD across the US, the cannabidiol market has been growing at a fast rate. As a result, there are many products available, making it difficult to assess their price and quality. It is to be noted that there is an inconsistency in the price of CBD products from different manufacturers. If you were searching for ways to calculate CBD oil prices then look no further and read ahead to know more.

The Issue Of Bioavailability

Traditionally the price per milligram of CBD is calculated by dividing “product price” with “CBD content in milligram (mg)”.  It appears to be a straightforward and fair method; but you are ignoring an important factor, the bioavailability of the product. It is the percent of cannabidiol that is active when you consume the product. Almost all CBD products available are made using either a full-spectrum hemp extract or CBD isolate suspended in a carrier oil such as MCT oil.  The ironic fact is that the bioavailability of regular CBD oil capsules is less than 10% i.e. the other 90% is flushed out of the body.

When you swallow CBD oil capsules, they enter the digestive tract and have to go through “first-pass metabolism” during which only a small amount of CBD enters the bloodstream that becomes active. Now, when you consume tinctures sublingually, it enters the bloodstream through the mucous membrane and bypasses the first-pass metabolism increasing its bioavailability. So, manufacturers have come up with processes such as nano-emulsions to increase bioavailability by 500%.

What Is A Nano-Emulsified Product?

Nano-emulsification is a process where the oil is broken down into particles of size averaging 25 nanometres. They are small enough to be dispersed through liquids and increase their surface area, thereby improving the absorption into the bloodstream. So, you need only 1/5th the dose of the nano-emulsified product due to a 5 times increase in the bioavailability.

How To Calculate CBD Oil Price?

Taking into account the bioavailability, you calculate the effective price per milligram of CBD; for this, you need the price of the product, CBD content of the product, and bioavailability factor of the product. The bioavailability factor for oil-based products is 1 and for nano-emulsified products, it is 5.

Therefore, the Effective Price Per Milligram = (Product Price/CBD Content in mg)/ Bioavailability Factor

This method is important as it can give the true value of cannabidiol CBD products. So, buying cannabidiol products using the nano-emulsified method ensures that you get the best CBD bioavailability.