A Brief Note On CBD Shatter

Benefits Of CBD Shatter
Benefits Of CBD Shatter
Benefits Of CBD Shatter
Benefits Of CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is a type of CBD concentrate that is commonly known for its high potency. There is a wide variety of other CBD concentrates available in the market apart from shatter including wax, budder, crumble, crystals, etc. Even though these products are slightly different in their appearance and consistency, they are almost the same. All of them will have high concentrations of CBD and are typically used for dabbing.

If you are wondering what CBD shatter and other concentrates are, we introduce them through this article for your knowledge.

CBD Shatter

This variant of CBD isolate only holds CBD. Isolate is a popular CBD product that is available in white crystalline form and contains no other compounds except for CBD. This product has 99% of CBD which makes it highly potent. CBD shatter also has the same properties, as it has 99% of CBD and no other compounds. However, they are different in their texture. CBD shatter is similar to CBD wax in its appearance. Some of the important benefits of CBD shatter are its great potency and high purity.

CBD shatter has a brittle texture that can shatter easily when handled, hence, the name. Even though shatter is similar to wax, you can tell their difference when handled. For making shatter, the manufacturers will extract all the cannabinoids and other plant compounds from the hemp plant. It is impossible to extract only CBD at the initial stage. So the concentrate produced after the extracting process will have a wide array of compounds. This concentrate will be then filtered repeatedly till only CBD is left.

This process leads to the formation of CBD isolate and when the isolate is kept undisturbed and away from light and heat, it will turn into a shatter. Shatter has the same potency and properties as CBD isolates and other types of CBD concentrates. So you can choose them based on the consistency you prefer for your products.

How To Use CBD Shatter?

A lot of people try to cook using shatter, however, when this product is melted, it can damage the cannabinoids present in it. The best way to use CBD shatter is by producing vapors from these products using a nail or a dab rig. You can inhale these vapors for getting fast and better results from CBD.

You will need only a tiny amount of concentrates for dabbing, as these products carry high concentrations of CBD. Hence, you can get intense effects from these products that can even help to manage chronic health conditions.