What Are The Different Types Of High Grade Hemp CBD Oil?

High Grade Hemp CBD Oil
High Grade Hemp CBD Oil
High Grade Hemp CBD Oil
High-Grade Hemp CBD Oil

CBD products made using hemp plant extracts are gaining popularity due to their multitude of health benefits, coupled with its lack of side effects and absence of psychotropic effects. Besides, the most popular item is CBD oil, it is used by the major portion of CBD users and this is due to its versatility in usage for treating a wide variety of ailments. Also, there are different types of it depending on how the hemp extracts are processed before making it into CBD oil. Read on to know about different types of high-grade hemp CBD oil.

The different types of high-grade hemp CBD oil are classified according to the type of extracts used, they are raw CBD extract, pure CBD extract, activated CBD extract, and decarb CBD extract.

Raw CBD Oil

As the name indicates raw CBD oil is made from unprocessed whole hemp extract i.e. no heat is used in the process. The popular CO2 extraction method produces this kind of extract and it will have all the natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids naturally found in the hemp plant. Because of this, it has a good entourage effect that enhances the individual effect of each cannabinoid giving maximum CBD health benefits. However, it has a bitter taste that is not enjoyed by all.

The advantage of using raw CBD oil is that it has a higher nutritional value because heat is not applied to the whole hemp extract. Also, the CO2 used in the extraction process does not have any chemical reaction as it is an inert element. So, it will be rich in CBDA which is the acidic form of CBD that has a higher affinity towards cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) increasing its effects.

Pure CBD Oil

Pure CBD oil is made using the cannabidiol-rich top part of the hemp plant like flowers and heat is used in its manufacturing process. This converts the raw cannabinoids like CBDA into CBD that is more available to the ECS. Compared to raw CBD oil, this is better tasting and has a nutty flavor, but it is more expensive because of the extra manufacturing steps to make it more palatable.

Activated CBD Oil

What makes activated CBD oil different from others is that it undergoes a slow heating process that converts all CBDA into CBD. Because prolonged heating is used, many of the cannabinoids naturally found in the hemp plant will be absent, but it will be rich in cannabidiol (CBD). Hence, it is useful for treating chronic pain and inflammations.

These are the different types of high-grade hemp CBD oil available in the market and you select them according to the type of ailment that needs to be treated.