Benefits Of CBD Oil

Is CBD Oil Safe
Is CBD Oil Safe
Is CBD Oil Safe
Is CBD Oil Safe

Are you wondering why you are seeing CBD everywhere? CBD has become so popular that it is available as tinctures, vapes, topicals, and even edibles. Do you know what makes CBD so special?

CBD oil is a product of hemp CBD and has additional benefits that come from the carrier oil. Using CBD oil for anxiety and pain have become common. Being a mixture of two essential ingredients, CBD oil is a big shot, and here are the reasons why you should consider adding it to your next shopping list.

Reduces Stress

Stress is a common thing today where men and women try to balance their work and personal lives. This has been the case since people started realizing the importance of family and leisure in life. A break from work is so important that the world’s greatest MNC’s give their employees mandatory leaves, annual parties, and other benefits.

According to experts, CBD oil reduces the amount of stress hormone, cortisol, in the body. One of the studies published in 2010 in the Journal of Psychopharmacology reported that when 400 milligrams of CBD were ingested orally, the symptoms of social anxiety disorders reduced in people.

Another study published in 2011 said something similar. It reported lesser anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort when 600 milligrams of CBD were taken one and a half hours before a social event.

Reduce Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain due to arthritis or something similar, you should give CBD oil a shot! As per the research conducted in 2015, mice that were given topical CBD experienced lesser pain and inflammation within four days after applying it the first time.

Better Sleep

Due to stress and other factors, many of us end up staring at the ceiling of our rooms for hours before we sleep. And sometimes, this sleep is often broke, resulting in us waking up tired.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2017 said that there is promising evidence that backs up the benefits of CBD in treating anxiety, sleeplessness, and chronic pain.

Better Skin

From the variety of CBD skincare products in the market now, you would have already guessed how beneficial it is to the beauty industry. CBD oil is anecdotally said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help control acne and aging.

Protect Brain

This property of CBD oil is not much heard of. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD that has cannabigerol (CBG), another cannabinoid like CBD, has properties that improved the brain activity of mice with Huntington’s disease. To clearly understand the neuroprotective properties of the cannabinoid, more research has to be done. However, the question ‘is CBD oil safe?’ plagues the minds of many people.

Unlike THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana), CBD will not get you stoned. In fact, it is not addictive. So, it is a safe and reliable substitute for over the counter medicines with severe side effects.